Syllabus 2020



11th January - 2:oo pm

28th January - 7:30 pm

11 Febuary - 7:30 pm

25th Febuary - 7:30 pm

10th March - 7:30 pm

24th March - 7:30 pm

7th April - 7:00 pm 

21st April - 7:30 pm




Installation of Office Bearers

Exemplification of the F.C. Degree

Exemplification of the E.A. Degree

Talk from Forget Me Not Club

E.A. Degree

Explanation of the E.A. Degree

F.C. Degree - PGLAC visitation

M.M. Degree



Ballots shall be called as and when required.

Degrees will be announced at the previous meeting to suit circumstances and for the benefit of candidates.